I Built My Own Residential Wind Turbines

I know, it sounds incredible.  How could you build your own residential wind turbines for less than $200 each?  Well, the reality is that you could do it even cheaper!  And it didn’t require any special skills or knowledge.

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If you want to skip the story and see the website I got the wind turbine plans from, you can click here, but I recommend reading through the entire story!

windturbine-test-towerIm getting ahead of myself though.  We were talking about the farmer I met at the diner.  When I got over to his house for a visit, he showed me his test installation.

I admit, it looked a little rinky-dink.  But after he explained that he only used this to test the power generation he gets out of each new wind turbine it made alot more sense.  It was supposed to be something easy to take down!

Heres a snapshot of his testing grounds.  I thought the up-side-down rubbermaid tote as a testing station was particularly amusing.

We discussed the building process a bit, and it turns out that most of the materials you need for a diy wind turbine are things that you probably have lying around the garage or worst case are a drive to the hardware store away.  The construction time was pretty minimal compared to the return you get.

Now I should say that it was pretty clear from the test readings that you arent going to power your entire house off of one of these turbines.  But theyre not designed to do that.  These need to be installed like a bank of solar panels and be connected to a battery bank to store the power.

Its really no different from any other green power installation.  Since the wind generator poles comes and goes you cant just plug an extension cord to the turbine and expect to get limitless power.

That said this farmer had a couple banks of solar panels and four residential wind turbines that he built himself and he was able to supply his entire house with it.  Good enough for me!  At less than $200 a pop its still a fraction of what you would pay for commercial turbines with similar output.



windturbine-bladeAnyhow, I was inspired and went home to build my own.  I bought the plans that the farmer had followed and was thrilled to see detailed step by step directions with pictures and instructional videos.  There was even a set of plans for diy solar panels and I made a mental note to try those out too.

Click here to check out the DIY wind turbine plans I used.

This looked pretty easy.  I gathered up everything Id need to make my first wind turbine and went for it!  Here  is a snapshot of the blade assembly.

It was as easy as it looked.  I managed to spend half a day making a nice wind turbine that generated about 250W, which is more than twice what your average commercial solar panel will do.  Fantastic!

Well, I made a few more of these and am now thrilled with the amount of power we have.  I even tried building a few solar panels using the included plans and those worked out great as well.  Heres a picture of our farmhouse.  If you look carefully you can see the solar panels on the roof, and of course you can see the wind turbine up front.


Click here to go to the official website for the wind turbine plans I used to build my own wind turbines for less than $200 each.

Residential Wind Turbines

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