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We are technical Rare Earth Magnets manufacturer, supplier, exporter and factory in Taiwan. We can manufacture according to our clients’ requirements. We ensure high quality products and competitive price and prompt delivery for you. More models of our products wanted, please contact us now!
  • MP-12 – Permanent Magnet Materials : Rare Earth Magnets   

    More details please contact with us.Thanks.
  • MP-6 – Permanent Magnet : Rare Earth Magnets

    magnets for sale ,

    magnets for sale ,

  • MP-7 – Permanent Magnetic : Rare Earth Magnets   

    Magnetic Properties Of Sintered NdFeB Magnets
  • MP-8 – Sintered Magnets : Rare Earth Magnets   

    Magnetic Properties Of Sintered NdFeB Magnets
  • MP-1 – Rare Earth Magnet : Rare Earth Magnets

    Magnetic Properties Of Cast AlNiCo Magnets
  • Rare Earth Magnetic - MP-2

    MP-2 – Rare Earth Magnetic : Rare Earth Magnets

    Magnetic Properties Of Sintered AlNiCo Magnets
  • SmCo Magnet - MP-10

    MP-10 – SmCo Magnet : Rare Earth Magnets

    Magnetic Properties Of Sintered SmCo Magnets
  • Sintered Magnet - MP-11

    MP-11 – Sintered Magnet : Rare Earth Magnets

    Magnetic Properties Of Sintered SmCo Magnets

With advanced science and technology, our company develops and manufactures various kinds of

Rare Earth Magnets


. We will continue to innovate on our technology, management, services and business to meet future challenges and fulfill our responsibilities.

With the help of our efficient workforce, we are able to offer a wide range of

Rare Earth Magnets

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neodymium magnets,,

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magnets for sale ,

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rare earth magnets

that is designed in compliance with national and international quality standards and norms. These are procured from magnet manufacturers who uses quality raw material and follow regulatory standards of the medical industry during manufacturing. Theses rare earth magnets for sale very powerful for their size and are extensively used and will provide highest magnetic energy to accommodate in small shape and sizes with greater performance Further the innovative technology and cost effective procedures applied at our production facilities enable us to offer our clients a wide choice in our machinery range at competitive prices. We specialize in offering a variety of Rare Earth Magnets are magnets for sale manufactured and supply by us and we are using the high quality raw materials to fabricate these products. In addition to manufacturing them in standard dimensions, we also offer our customers the option of customizing these products as per their specific requirements. During the manufacturing process, our expert teams checks the quality of the products thus we ensure the superior products to our clients.

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